Being a leader

Kurs zmiana w firmie - zarządzanie zmianą, retencja pracowników, HR

08 May 2024

Change management in a company

Proper preparation, implementation, and management of change within a company are key to its development. Participants of the ICAS Poland course learned how to achieve this
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Lider a menedżer - cechy lidera, zarządzanie firmą, dobrostan pracowników

24 February 2023

Being a leader and being a manager. On leadership in a company

How to use the potential of both roles in the organisation and find a balance between the two? Joanna Krzyżanowska - a manager, psychologist, coach and mentor will discuss it.
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Dowiedz się, jak program EAP wspiera menedżerów  i HR w zarządzaniu zespołami i poprawie dobrostanu pracowników.

06 October 2021

Seven ways in which EAP supports managers

Persons with management roles, face their own life challenges, but also have to deal with problems of their employees and teams – our experts have their back in all of these areas
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Bezpieczny, lękowy, unikowy czy zdezorganizowany? Styl przywiązania wytworzony w dzieciństwie wciąż kreuje Twój dorosły świat.

19 June 2024

Attachment style at work

Secure, anxious, avoidant, or disorganised? Attachment style formed in childhood still shapes your adult world.
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