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EAP Space

In the EAP Space (EAP Space), we present the idea of supporting employees in companies, we present studies of specialists in the fields that constitute the core of EAP support programs (psychology, law, finance, economy, employee matters) and we present examples of issues that beneficiaries of EAP Employee Support Programs address to us and to our consultants.

„We try to read into what values ​​are important to the client. This means that we have the ability to uncover not only what is visible with the naked eye, but also – or even more – what remains hidden, barely visible in the client’s company, and which has a fundamental impact on business processes inside and outside the company. This is what we can give from our end. To translate from the language of declarations, what the mysterious EAP service is, into the everyday work and life of the company.”

— Janusz prendota, ceo ICAS Poland

Poland is another country in the world where the labour market has changed dramatically as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The situation forces company managers to change their people management approach to be more flexible, and to wisely and prudently apply new rules that will allow people and companies to return to balance.

People are restless, they are afraid for their future. It is very difficult to maintain a good atmosphere in the company and a high level of efficiency or low absenteeism. Right now the managers are dealing with previously unknown issues.

EAP is a very good tool for restoring employee efficiency. Users and beneficiaries of this program quickly regain control over their lives by contacting specialists and receiving professional help, which translates into an increased commitment to work. Work-home balance is restored, and so is the company harmony.

We encourage you to subscribe to our EAP Space – we will actively support you, providing substantive material for reflection and support in making decisions.

Balance is important to us, in every sense of the word.

ICAS Poland is part of ICAS International – the world’s leading provider of EAP services in 75 countries, serving over 7,000 companies and 7.5 million employees. We have been operating in Poland since 2013. We currently work for 150 companies, supporting over 160 thousand people.