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Being a leader and being a manager. On leadership in a company

How to use the potential of both roles in the organisation and find a balance between the two? Joanna Krzyżanowska – a manager, psychologist, coach and mentor will discuss it.

EAP, Management, Work

How to wisely take care of employees in troubled times

In an increasingly complex and unpredictable world, the ICAS EAP helps employees and managers stay balanced and able to act

Management, Psychology

Does the EAP program make economic sense? 

The return on investment in EAP reached 1:10 even before the pandemic – supporting employees brings employers tangible and measurable benefits

EAP, Management

Seven ways in which EAP supports managers

Persons with management roles, face their own life challenges, but also have to deal with problems of their employees and teams – our experts have their back in all of these areas

EAP, Management

I’ll do it tomorrow

Procrastination is often not mere laziness, and understanding the reasons behind this phenomenon can help us effectively deal with it

Management, Psychology
Awans w pracy

How to turn promotion into a success?

Psychologist Matt Biegała shares insights on supporting new managers to ensure the change proves beneficial for both them and their teams

Management, Psychology, Work


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