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We create and provide companies with the EAP, which helps employees and entire organizations to operate more effectively. ICAS subscription plans offer convenient access to professional support no matter if functioning of the company has been impaired by a personal relationship crisis, an issue with a developer, a tax settlement, a conflict with a colleague, or a difficulty in motivating a dispersed team.

We restore individual and group balance

We support in solving problems
We teach how to deal with stress
We help to find energy and motivation
We increase the effectiveness in achieving goals
We develop communication and cooperation
We improve the quality of life


Global experience developed locally


EAP began appearing almost 100 years ago in the United States as a response to the problem of alcoholism among employees. Companies realized that it was better to support an employee than to let them go. Over time, EAP began to cover an increasing number of issues and matters that could affect the well-being of employees, and at the same time help their families too.


For over 30 years, ICAS International has been helping employees all over the world to take care of their well-being. It resulted in a positive impact on the produced work and companies’ development. Currently, ICAS supports 7.5 million people on all continents, wherever they are, ensuring the highest quality of services based on proven clinical research. ICAS's global vision is to make employees' mental and physical health a part of the corporate culture.


ICAS Poland has been operating since 2013 and currently cooperates with 250 companies. Nearly 260,000 people in Poland are beneficiaries of the EAP ICAS. Over 200 specialists in 140 cities work with us. Based on the international experience of ICAS, we have created a support tailored to the real problems of Polish employers with various business profiles and corresponding to the changing requirements of the times.


A good EAP program never stands still, which is why at ICAS Poland we listen to current and future customers, observe trends and develop our offer. In times of a pandemic, when many problems ceased to relate to only individuals and began to affect most of us, we developed group programs and educational activities. We are also introducing new contact channels and multilingual service to provide support that is more convenient and accessible.


Modern, comfortable and easy-to-use support

Modern, comfortable and easy-to-use support

Each case is equally important to us and deserves to be dealt with at the highest level, which is why our specialists provide contact in a form and time tailored to the high requirements.

  • We are available whenever needed - 24/7
  • We provide immediate contact with a psychologist
  • You can contact us by phone, e-mail, chat and video call
  • We conduct talks in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian
  • All conversations are completely confidential
  • We offer face-to-face meetings in 140 cities in Poland

Phone call

Video call





App for EAP ICAS users

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People covered by the ICAS EAP receive our app which:

  • enables easy and anonymous contact with us in the chosen form - voice call, chat, message or video call
  • allows you to supplement your work with a specialist with self-performed tests, tasks and exercises
  • provides constant access to knowledge base: recommended articles, a wide range of tips, as well as webinars and recordings


ICAS are experts on your side

Our team consists of over 200 experienced psychotherapists, business psychologists, coaches, mentors, HR practitioners, lawyers and financial specialists. When selecting a specialist we always do it according to the problem. A person covered by the program does not have to look for a child psychologist or an inheritance lawyer on their own - we do it for them. ICAS Poland experts are certified specialists who meet high professional standards in their specialties and adhere to the ICAS Code of Ethics.

Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis
CEO ICAS International
'The advantage of ICAS is that throughout the world, most of those holding management positions are people with a psychological background. All are educated and trained in the field of psychology. This is one of our strengths because, in our work, we combine management with leadership, but focusing on people and the quality of the support we provide.'
Janusz Prendota
Janusz Prendota
'The basic difficulty in the functioning of many organizations is responding to concerns accompanying the company's operation. Meetings of a manager and an employee - a conversation is a way to reduce tensions or resolve conflicts, to transform a difficult situation into a tolerable or even a good one. We know how to build a balance in which common thinking is possible again.'
Louise Edberg
Louise Edberg
Co-founder of ICAS Poland Psychologist
'When we started our business in 2013, there was a lot of mistrust and concern about using the EAP. But we have seen tremendous progress since then. The portfolio of clients has grown significantly, and people covered by the program entrust us with more and more of their professional and private matters. This shows confidence in ICAS and the validity of the EAP concept.'
Johannes Edberg
Johannes Edberg
Clinical Director Psychologist
'The use of ICAS EAP is simple and safe due to the processes developed over the years and the high requirements met by our employees. Our clients can contact a psychologist without prior appointment, 24 hours a day, as many times as they need. In the chosen language and in full confidentiality.'
Marta Chromiec
Marta Chromiec
Strategic Clients Director Psychologist
‘We are often contacted by people who are going through difficult times in their lives. They are after a fight with a partner or a misunderstanding at work, they still process these situations and do not know what to do. In this case my main task is to listen. I try to enable them to look at the situation ‘from a bird's eye view’ in order to analyse together what happened and look for solutions.‘
Katarzyna Kowalska
Katarzyna Kowalska
Development Director Psychologist
‘All kinds of things can throw employees, teams and entire organizations off balance, and we need to have an adequate response to that. Therefore, a good EAP program never stands still. We listen to customers, observe the environment and develop the offer to include a wide set of solutions for a particular need.’
Ewa Sołowiew
Ewa Sołowiew
Key Account Director Psychologist
'Many years of experience in cooperation with organizations of various sizes, structures and business profiles have helped us to get to know in detail the difficulties faced by companies in Poland. That is why our account managers can be substantive partners for HR Departments who are constantly available and participate in incorporating EAP into the company's culture. '
Jarosław Chybicki
Jarosław Chybicki
‘Nowadays, lifelong learning is not only useful and interesting, but simply necessary. Our webinars, courses and trainings help with current personal and professional problems. They also provide an opportunity to develop competences. We are most pleased with the high attendance and satisfaction of the participants of our events.’
Paweł Czerniewski
Paweł Czerniewski
'ICAS EAP offers easy access to professional legal advice on a very wide range of issues. The client does not have to look for an expert on property rights or employment, but just says what the problem is, and is contacted with a specialist competent in a given area who, without legal jargon, shares practical solutions.'