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EAP Space is a blog run by ICAS experts, where we share our knowledge and show how EAP (Employee Assistance Program) affects the balance and efficiency of companies, teams and employees.
We invite you to exchange experiences and discuss.
Kultura feedbacku w organizacji

Bridges instead of walls

Building a feedback culture in an organization is not an easy path, but it is worth every step, because even small changes can bring real benefits


Take care of your heart

Throughout life, it beats 2.5 billion times. April’s Heart Week is an opportunity to appreciate the effort of the hardest-working organ in our bodies


High sensitivity – gift or curse? 

A discussion about what high sensitivity is, how to recognize it in oneself, why it’s worth accepting it within oneself, and perhaps even loving it.


Ready for change

Can we plan our lives anew? How to effectively set and achieve goals? Participants of the course organised by ICAS Poland learned about this


Love forgives everything

What is love? To what extent is it found, and in what way does it build? Does “true” love forgive everything and overcome all obstacles?


How not to get lost in the digital world

How to use technology properly? How to protect health and finances from it – that’s what experts from ICAS Poland explained to participants of the “Digital World” course


Inspiring books for 2024

How to find the energy to take action in the new year? What can we do to achieve the success? ICAS Poland experts recommend books that will prepare us for changes


Merry go round a Christmas table

How to find a way to have a successful holiday? Prepare for challenging family gatherings? Distance yourself from loved ones? Or perhaps reshape your approach to joint celebration?


How to ensure our financial stability?

How to manage personal finances? Krzysztof Nawelski, an expert in personal finance, discussed this topic during the “Financial Security” course organized by ICAS Poland



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